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Best Scarpa Mountaineering Boots

Edmund Hillary, along with Tenzig Norgay were the very first two documented climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest on May 29th, 1953, which happened to be Tenzig’s 39th birthday. The duo (part of a British Expedition hosted by John Hunt) managed to reach the summit wearing a very thick reindeer fur-coated boot (for Tenzig), and a lighter weight, purposely designed boot (for Edmund) – neither of which had as much research and in-field testing as the modern Scarpa mountaineering boots.

I don’t know about you, but just looking at the amazing maps and evolution of Mt. Everest over the decades, generously assembled by National Geographic makes me want to start the climb too!

Both boots had pros and cons to them but managed to help the determined pair charge up the mountain and into history books everywhere. Thankfully for you, this has happened many times over since then, and we now have boots like Scarpa mountaineering boots to make the climb safer, and a bit more comfortable.

Since Scarpa mountaineering boots have been around since 1938, they’ve had decades of practice, research, adjustment, and otherwise to perfect one of the best boots for mountaineers all over the world, and as such have become one of the leaders in all things mountaineering.

We’re here to throw you some amazing options on the best Scarpa mountaineering boots you can come by for all things summit related, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot

Scarpa mountaineering boots The Fuego

Best For...
If you make a living working outdoors daily.

The Fuego Scarpa mountaineering boot is here for work. While this boot may not have a bunch of frilly add-ons that catch the eye, it’s a solidly made boot for long-hours of work put in daily. One of the classiest, and most barebones model of the Scarpa mountaineering boots line, the Fuego has proven itself many times over, and remains a popular selection amongst mountaineering enthusiasts.

Tall Cuffs

One of the required specs for a working boot (especially if firefighting is your specialty). The Fuego mountaineering boot will keep your heel and ankle fully supported and secure while allowing you protection from shallow water depths, as well as protecting your shins while climbing ladders, or trampling over debris-filled land. The height on these Scarpa mountaineering boots will also keep your boot from loosening its way off your foot during activities, adding into that extra added safety.

Gusseted Double Tongue

Nothing is worse than being out and active, in the middle of your activity, just to be rudely interrupted by debris somehow finding its way into your shoe and knocking around with every step you take. The double tongue – gusseted built-in feature allows for a secure, stable grip around your foot, leaving no room for any sort of bothersome trail debris to get into your shoe.

Solid Hard Construction Sole

With a fully built outer sole, not only will this mountaineering boot be rugged enough to get you through your activity, but it will make stomping over debris nearly unnoticeable with strict attention to detail surrounding the sole of the boot. An insole comprised of Pro-flex XT, midsole Eva-MP, and outsole Vibram M4 tech, you can grasp the true solid ground these Scarpa mountaineering boots are constructed on. A solid sole gives you versatility during climbing, allowing you to add crampons and scale a mountain, as well as ensuring your footing doesn’t get the best of you, and your foot doesn’t have the option to awkwardly slide out of the boot either.

SCARPA Men's Zodiac Plus GTX Hiking Boot
27 Reviews
SCARPA Men's Zodiac Plus GTX Hiking Boot
  • GORE-TEX Performance Comfort keeps feet dry
  • Sock-Fit DV construction reduces bulk and creates a snug fit
  • Rubber rand for performance and protection
  • Asymmetric lace system provides a precise fit
  • PU + three densities of EVA in the midsole optimize weight and performance

Why We Love It:

  • Whether you’re on a trail, scaling a mountain, being a literal hero, or restoring power to millions, the Fuego is an amazingly solid Scarpa mountaineering boot that will help you perform in a safe and secure manner.
  • Added bonuses like the gusseted double tongue give that little extra bit of cushion and comfort. You may not absolutely require a gusseted double tongue that keeps debris out, but you’ll definitely appreciate it.
  • Attention to detail with the length and construction of the ankle support has been taken into serious consideration so much that these boots are literally recommended by working individuals (firemen, and otherwise) for the attention to detail on safety and effectiveness.
  • Hard crafted sole makes this boot versatile, taking you from a daytime line worker to a night time climber flawlessly and without a change of footwear.

Scarpa Men’s Zodiac Plus Gtx Hiking Boot

Scarpa mountaineering boots The Zodiac Plus GTX

Best For...
Hiking and working outdoors.

The Zodiac Plus Gtx Scarpa mountaineering boot is perfect for anyone that enjoys hiking as a hobby, or anyone that works out in the field. Where the Fuego is an amazing Scarpa mountaineering boot for professionals in the line of duty that need additional safety measures, the Zodiac Plus Gtx is just as solid but has also had subtle changes like a softer sole, and more breathable material.

Gore Tex Membrane

Allowing for, as previously mentioned, a light and breathable shoe while keeping substantial waterproof protection as well as allowing the upper portion of the shoe (wrapped around the sides and top of your foot) to safeguard a bit more against fatigue and soreness later. Also providing very comfortable footwear while in warmer climates where the Fuego may be too hot and bothersome during your outdoor activities.

Rubber Rand

A meticulously crafted rubber rand for an extra sticky rubber toe box that comes in handy when you’re climbing. Boots, shoes, and other footwear with rubber randing are very sought after for anyone that finds themselves ascending or descending mountains on a regular basis. Scarpa mountaineering boots have taken note to include a secure, sticky randing for your climbing requirements.

Resoleable Boots

For anyone that has ever found themselves in love with a pair of boots understands the pain that comes with tossing out the old, and breaking in the new. Usually, mountaineering boots will require just that, however, the Zodiac line from Scarpa’s mountaineering boots line is fully resoleable. You may have to break in your sole again, but you’ll still have the entire rest of the boot that’s perfectly fit after hours and hours of climbing and mountaineering faithfully laid into them.

Scarpa Men's Zodiac Tech Gtx Mountaineering Boot
24 Reviews
Scarpa Men's Zodiac Tech Gtx Mountaineering Boot
  • Gore-Tex membrane provides breathable, waterproof protection
  • Sock-Fit construction reduces bulk and enhances fit
  • Extended rubber rand for performance and protection
  • Semi-Automatic crampon compatible
  • Midsole uses multi-density PU and EVA to optimize weight and performance

Why We Love It:

  • The soft, breathable construction of these Scarpa mountaineering boots really give you an enjoyable journey every time you wear this boot. Instead of having a harder canvas – leather style fabric that’s sitting on top of your sock through your trek, you have a much more pliable fabric that doesn’t put additional and unnecessary wear and tear on your feet.
  • Super sticky rubber randing of these Scarpa mountaineering boots helps keep you sure-footed and secure, with safety a number one priority during any climbing activities you may find yourself participating in.
  • The profile design cuts down on unnecessary bulk, allowing your foot to fit securely in your boot in a comfortable position. While some boots have great built-in protection from additional slipping (which is essentially your foot re-seating itself in your shoe, or worse, slipping out altogether) the unique design and material of these Scarpa mountaineering boots allow for a secure fit without an awkward full-boot feel.
  • One unmentioned, but great feature we absolutely love about the Zodiac from the Scarpa mountaineering boot line is the added Vibram construction for amazing traction and additional sure-footed feel regardless of the mountain you’re scaling, or hike you’re on.

Scarpa Men’s Zodiac Tech Gtx Mountaineering Boot

Scarpa mountaineering boots The Zodiac Tech GTX

Best For...
Those wanting a boot without big mountaineering tech built-in.

If you love the setup of the Zodiac Plus boots from the Scarpa mountaineering boot line, but you don’t need the ‘big guns’ of a fully built-out mountaineering boot, you can still get great features, function, and all-around detail that you need just by jumping into the Zodiac Tech Gtx boot. This boot still allows you to play on slopes, reach summits, and enjoy pushing your body to the limits. The same breathable yet weatherproof construction found in the Zodiac Plus boots helps you to be comfortable, dry, and cool throughout your day/night.

Gore Tex

The Gore Tex found in the Zodiac Gtx Plus is crafted into the Zodiac Tech Gtx boot as well, lending that same added benefit of the breathability and weatherproofing everyone loves in the plus version. Scarpa mountaineering boots really took the time to ensure they kept key features in this version from the Plus version.

Sock Fit Construction

A great feature of this Zodiac boot would be the sock fit technology. Crafted out of light and durable fabrics, the Zodiac Tech Gtx boot allows for secure footing, placement, and fit without adding to the bulk and fluff that other boots have in an effort to create that same security.

Compatible With Semi-Automatic Crampons

Constructed with a superb stiffness that allows great balance, giving you the ability to utilize crampons with these boots, whenever needed but doesn’t tire your feet out, or cause soreness due to a ‘too-stiff’ sole, allowing you to trek longer without the fatigue a stiffer sole can tend to provide.

Scarpa Men's Zodiac Tech Gtx Mountaineering Boot
24 Reviews
Scarpa Men's Zodiac Tech Gtx Mountaineering Boot
  • Gore-Tex membrane provides breathable, waterproof protection
  • Sock-Fit construction reduces bulk and enhances fit
  • Extended rubber rand for performance and protection
  • Semi-Automatic crampon compatible
  • Midsole uses multi-density PU and EVA to optimize weight and performance

Why We Love it:

  • A great in-between boot, for when you don’t have to climb Mt. Everest, but you still want all the adventure, exploration, and hike-ability you can pack into a lifetime.
  • Full rand may just give you a little extra added security over the Zodiac Plus boot, allowing for that additional protection, and ‘stick’ when and where you need it most.
  • Construction was created with extreme weather conditions in mind, allowing you a very robust mid to moderate weather shoe, keeping your feet dry, and wicking away moisture that can gather in your sock – especially in warmer weather areas.
  • Cushioned hard sole aids in comfortability while providing the security and safety of the cramp-able sole giving you fatigue-less climbs, hikes, and treks.

Scarpa Men’s Charmoz Mountaineering Boot

Scarpa mountaineering boots The Charmoz

Best For...
Those wanting a no-nonsense boot built to scale up Mt Everest!

If you’re looking’ for a no-nonsense boot that will get you to scale up Everest without losing your toes, keeping you dry, and giving you sure-footing, the Scarpa Charmoz mountaineering boot from Scarpa’s mountaineering boots lineup is the one that you’re after. This is the boot that’s made to push through the cold weather, the ice, the snow, and tough climbing routes. This boot may even be designed to push through that ‘I give up’ urge you find yourself at, when you’re exhausted and debating what you’re doing midway up a mountain. This boot is definitely crafted with colder weather activities in mind and should help see you through whatever climbing adventure you can dream up.

OutDry Lining

OutDry is the act of completely enveloping any kind of fabric, in effect, laminating the entire fabric with an impenetrable surface that keeps water out, and saves your foot from dealing with a soggy sock nightmare during your trek.

Synthetic Outer Construction

Keeping the outer portion of the boot abrasion-free with a synthetic leather fabric that dries quickly, and keeps air circulating from within the shoe, allowing for fresh air to hit your toes while keeping you protected from the cold that might be.

Multi-Density Midsole

Combining PU and EVA materials, the Charmoz Scarpa mountaineering boot allows for a cushioned foot feel while providing excellent weight balancing and high-end performance that you would expect from a boot you need to take you places. Vibram material is also included to add additional grip for added safety and security which really helps this boot trek through icy inclines at high elevations.

Scarpa Men's Charmoz Mountaineering Boot
14 Reviews
Scarpa Men's Charmoz Mountaineering Boot
  • Outdry technology delivers waterproof breathable protection
  • Light weight synthetic leather and fabric upper breathes well and dries quickly
  • Full rubber rand for performance and protection
  • Semi-automatic crampon compatible
  • Midsole uses multi-density PU and EVA to optimize weight and performance

Why We Love it:

  • When looking for a tough boot that will stand up to the elements, especially the colder elements that you’ll run into while you’re scaling the larger mountains, and finding bigger feats of bravery, this boot will have your back (and your sole), keeping all 10 toes free from frostbite.
  • The sole of the boot gives loads of added protection and grip for climbing, walking over ice, freshly laid snow, or slippery conditions on top of being an excellent boot to pair up with crampons (semi-automatic crampons) for ease of climbing even when it’s not icy, wet, and slippery.
  • Add to the security and sure footing of the sole, the extended rubber randing for ascending and descending, and you really can start your journey up the side of Mt. Everest as well, knowing that should you find yourself in a situation that you need a sticky toe, or a solid, hard grip sole, you have it within the Charmoz boot.
  • While this boot doesn’t come with the double tongue, the extra gusset, or Gore Tex, you can still rest easy knowing you shouldn’t expect any slippage or foot re-seating. The additional insulation paired with the nylon and Microtech outer fabric construction helps to wrap around your foot like a glove, without adding additional bulk – as with all boots in the Scarpa mountaineering boots lineup.

Our Favorite ‘Every Man’ Choice:

Scarpa Men's Zodiac Tech Gtx Mountaineering Boot
24 Reviews
Scarpa Men's Zodiac Tech Gtx Mountaineering Boot
  • Gore-Tex membrane provides breathable, waterproof protection
  • Sock-Fit construction reduces bulk and enhances fit
  • Extended rubber rand for performance and protection
  • Semi-Automatic crampon compatible
  • Midsole uses multi-density PU and EVA to optimize weight and performance

If you’re not going to be climbing Everest soon, and you’re not going to be saving anyone from a wildfire, the most ideal Scarpa mountaineering boot would be the Zodiac Tech Gtx boots. Providing you terrific durability, security, safety, and giving you that comfortability, dry foot, and breathability, this is an amazing boot for the avid adventurer, and will see you through many trips, adventures, journeys, climbing and rappelling paths.

While it’s hard to pick a single boot that outperforms the rest from Scarpa mountaineering boots, the Zodiac is definitely a favorite amongst the ‘never climbed Everest’ team here.

Mountaineering Boot Buying Guide


It’s recommended by Scarpa to upsize by 1/2 a size when compared to your standard-sized shoes.

If you need things like ankle height, shin guarding placement, sole stiffness levels, and strong lace-up features in your mountaineering boot, the perfect boot for you is the Fuego from Scarpa mountaineering boots. Attention to detail for safety and protection in moderate terrain has won the Fuego a top pick from firefighters, and wildlife workers around the globe.

If you’re in the market for a softer, plusher hiking boot that fights fatigue, and sees you through warmer weather trips, the Zodiac Plus lends its fabric, and construction to help you attain exactly that need, with added bonuses of crampon compatibility.

If you’re looking for that softer, low profile style of boot, but you’re not really trekking through ‘rough and tumble’ terrain, the sole and overall construction of the Zodiac Tech really rings the bell for you, combining both safety features, and necessities along with light construction and airy fabric, this Scarpa mountaineering boot hits those needs out of the park.

If, of course, you’re that brave adventurer who wants to climb that cold, dreadful path and crush through the snow, the ice, the slippery slopes and want to create a big memory, or even a legacy much akin to Hillary and Norgay, the boot that you’re looking for, hands down, is going to be the Charmoz mountaineering boot, built specifically for that colder weather, harsher terrain experience.

Closing Thoughts

Whatever the case for your next climbing and rappelling journey, Scarpa mountaineering boots caters to the adventurer in all of us and does their best to take out the guesswork as well as the pain, blisters, and fatigue of those trips. Scarpa mountaineering has pored over hours of research in the field, as well as feedback they receive from beta testers, consumers, and scientists to work on an award-winning boot range, helping you to realize your dreams, and grab them by the horns!


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